AD-4D Limited is an integrated and comprehensive Public Relationship & Media Agency established in Hong Kong since 2006. Our major services include SHOPPING MALL. TV WALL / EVENT. PROMOTION / CREATIVE. PRODUCTION.

We are committed to offer innovative interactive ideas to corporations and to provide professional consultations with a unique strategic vision and concept.

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Since 2006

Interactive WallFX

WallFX is a revolution in public space wall advertising and entertainment. This digital wall technology delivers eye-catching dynamic visual content that can be projected onto virtually any surface, creating a full body interactive wall experience where the user controls interactive wall special effects, advertising and games with simple hand and body motions.

Interactive GroundFX

GroundFX’s interactive floor display allows many users to simultaneously interact with your brand message through Gesturetek’s patented motion based tracking system. This system is ideal for games, movies display, and interactive advertising.

Interactive MultiTouchFX

MultitouchFX’s interactive multitouch surface computing technology with a motion sensing gesture control interface lets multiple users navigate content on a floating panel, multimedia kiosk, multitouch surface screen, interactive table or interactive window.

Interactive Holopoint

Our portable Holopoint finger tracking technology for “point and control” presentations and touchless interactive displays is awe inspiring. It magically creates a tracking area out of thin air, and instantly finds your finger when you gesture above it, for “point to click” interactivity. Holopoint’s “point tp click” interface provides touch-free interactivity regardless of the user’s distance from the display.

Interactive SmartTable

SmartTable touch screens are quickly becoming the interface choice for a vast array of environments due to its large size. They Stimulate the senses to provide memorable service experience, while being clear, sharp, and responsive. It is so user friendly that they do not require any computer experience.

Interactive SmartStand

SmartStand offers the same features as the Smartable kiosks but in a standing form. This version is to suit your freestanding particular needs and requirements - ranging from simple unsupervised public internet access or intactive kiosks to highly sophisticated public information delivery systems.


Our 3D displays offer the possibility to perceive impressive 3D representations spatially without the need for viewing aids (such as cumbersome 3D glasses). They can move freely within the observing space and still benefit from a high-quality image.